April 28, 2008

I’ve been listening to the Wheel of Time series with Winter. Every time someone mentions: knitting, yarn, wool, weaving, looms, or carding, I snicker (and cheer a little).

I snicker a lot.


I’ve found I hate knitting things with several identical pieces. This is apparently where all my SSS is going.

And it really doesn’t make much sense to me as I’ve knit at least 40 washcloths, all exactly the same. I tend to do that during TV or reading if I don’t have a stockinette-something going, because I no longer need to think about what I’m doing at all.

But a while ago I tried to knit the Reverse-Bloom Flower Washcloth from Weekend Knitting and was miserable through every little half circle after the second. And now I’m doing the Cozy Cat Crescent by Anastasia Roeszler of Orange Fish Knits and it’s 14 triangles, and I’ve even made the triangles a lot smaller than the pattern (ending at 35 instead of 45) and I’m going out of my mind. I have one triangle left, and I’m stalling. I love seaming, and I hate weaving in ends, so you’d think this would be the perfect project for me, but instead I’m just like — when does it end?

I could never knit the Vintage socks. Ever.

Hopefully knitting sweaters in pieces will not be the same.

How more perfect could it work out that the Rays are playing Shawn’s Astros?


April 8, 2008

Okie, so the March SKD Challenge went… so-so. I knit through half my sock yarn stash rather than all of it, and started another pair before month’s end. And I knit 4 times as much yarn as I purchased, so maybe after a couple months of this all my yarn will fit in my storage space for it instead of overflowing into bags on the floor around it.

This month’s challenge is — Prep for Winter! Okay, except, I live in Florida. We are more of a Prep for Summer! (i.e. 3/4 of the year) sort of crowd. So I’m taking it as Prep for [Winter Holiday of Your Choosing Here] and making gifts early. These won’t show up on Rav, or Flickr, but I’ll move the stash to used and calculate my totals on the sidebar for group Mile challenge. I already have the first gift half of the way done with just a couple hours of fiddling. That one I’d had planned for ages. What’s next I’m not so sure of, and that’s where the challenge comes in. In fact, if I get all the gifts sorted and matched with their yarn in kits with the recipients labeled, that’ll probably be more of an accomplishment than actually knitting the stuff.

Knitting & Giving

April 7, 2008

I wound up all my “learn to knit” acrylic into double stranded balls. Well, not all of it, but my two giant balls of RH Supersaver.

I’ve been making snuggles. I’ve got two Bun/Kitten ones done (14×14), including the intarsia experiment.

Now I’m working on grown-up cat size ones (24×24). It’s a nice something-to-do while reading RSS feeds. No thought whatsoever. And fast. And stash reducing. Even though the RHSS isn’t in my Rav stash, those two balls were taking up about a quarter of the space I have for proper stash storage. So, yeah, how much of this is for me, and how much is for the kitties is debatable.

Also, if you’re not into charity knitting, there’s a giving opportunity here. Knitters for Knockers is a group of knitters doing the Komen Race for the Cure (both the running and the fundraising). Plus there’s a raffle, so, chance to get as well as give. Their goal is $5k, and so far they’re nearing the $2k mark.

Of buying stuffs.

April 4, 2008

I’m still spending too much on knitting, but my weakness has been tools, not yarn.

It all started with needing a needle. But Jo-Ann’s didn’t have it. And I didn’t want to drive all over town looking for it, or send Shawn to do the same. So I bought needles on eBay. They’re cheap, and they won’t last forever, I’m sure, but they are serviceable, which is what I really wanted. I can replace them slowly with needles that wow me. And did I mention they were cheap? 19 circular needles and 6 sets of 4 inch dpns for $22.63, shipping inclusive. Compare that with the $4.50-ish I spent on a size 10 circ towards the beginning of the March at a chain store with a 40% off coupon, and…. I have no real complaints.

I also picked up some buttons that were on clearance. No real purpose in mind, but they were $1 and I love wooden buttons.

And, on sale from knitting-warehouse, a cheapy ballwinder, which I am in the midst of a tawdry affair with (sorry, Shawn, but you’ll benefit from it, I swear):

(The cats are so ashamed.)

That’s about a pound of kitchen cotton wound into center pull balls from a giant, and entirely unmanageable, log of yarn. In about 10 minutes.

I did buy yarn — a ball of wool for the Pi that is still in need of yet more wool, and a new ball of sock yarn when I finished up my Cherry Tree Hill. This is Colinette Jitterbug in Castagna purchased at Needles & Knobs in St. Pete.

It’s sitting in my stash for now. But not for long.

Foody Friday(?!)

April 2, 2008

Okay so, I cheat. It’s Wednesday. I’m either two days early or several weeks late.

While my head is still a dull ache, here are the two things (besides the normal) I’ve baked since the last food post:

(I so need to rescue my tripod from the car for these evening shots.)

I think anytime you see pies that don’t require a top from me, there will be two. Our co-op sells whole wheat pie frozen pie crusts that are way better, both in taste and nutrition, than anything I’ve ever come up with at home. They come in packs of two. But they’re a bit fragile so I always want to use them pretty close together for fear of breakage as Shawn shoves stuff around in the freezer.

The first there is Casey’s Tollhouse Pie recipe. It was so yummy, but very rich. It ended up being cut into very many small slices. Next time, I need to remember to rotate, though. One side was slightly underdone.

The second was pretty easy, something I made for Shawn when he first came down with the cold — the previously mentioned crust, a chocolate puddingish filling, and whipped cream for a topping. Nuts on the one piece I tried. (I continue to hate my own pudding while Shawn loves it. Good that the pie was for him.) The whipped cream I did on the fly, but, well, I mean, it’s whipped cream. Sugar + cream + mixer = not hard.

I continue to suck at biscuits but I’m armed with a dozen new recipes to try out whenever I kick this headache thing.

There’s been a dozen posts I’ve meant to make. But first I had the killer cold a doom for two weeks. And now I’m having blindingly painful jaw/face/headaches every afternoon/evening. I’m not sure if it’s jaw-related (my right jaw has been popping when I yawn for about a year now, and that’s the same jaw that’s aching), sinus related from leftover cold issues, or hormonal (I should be PMSing, though my cycles have been wacky for forever now).

Yesterday I was thinking maybe it was chocolate because I had a piece of easter candy in the morning and a headache developed, then diminished for a bit, but returned after a piece of pie at desert time. I’m going to stay away from the stuff a few more days, but I’m thinking it was just coincidence.

I really haven’t been doing much baking or knitting, but I will eventually write about what I have done as soon as my brain can string the words and pictures together.

Almost there!

March 23, 2008

The neverending sock only has two more chart repeats and the toes to go.

The neverending kitchen set is halfway through the last towel.

I’ve been too sick to knit more than a stitch here and there for a week now, so even if I weren’t in trudge-mode, they’d feel endless. I’m counting on my sugar induced highs from my Easter candy to get me through these before the end of the month. That and really wanting to start (and finish) the next pair of socks on my list that were supposed to be an Easter present. WTH is Easter doing happening so early anyway?

Happy Bun Day!

The Stash Knit Down challenge for the month is to knit up sock stash. I was really excited about it, and swooped through my first pair really quickly.

But I’m working on a sock right now that I’m hating. I don’t know if it’s the yarn, or the color, or the pattern, or that they’re charted, or something else. But normally I get through a pair of socks in a few days to a week. I’m still on the first sock of this pair, not even to the toe, and I started it on the 5th. And they’re footlets. My last pair of footlets took 3 days.

The last socks were wonderful, though. Really fun to knit once I got a hang of the lace repeats, and beautiful. The yarn was perfect. I love them. I wouldn’t mind knitting more.

Pattern: Pumpkin Vine Socks by f. pea
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino

I shortened the leg a bit, afraid they wouldn’t go over my calves. If I knit them again, I’ll probably go smaller needles or smaller size and do the full leg length. They’re a lot stretchier than I expected.

I suppose the plus side of trying to get through a bad pair of socks, is that while stalling, rather than start other projects, I tend to learn stuff.

Like provisional cast on.

And Intarsia.

I always thought I’d do Fair Isle first, but apparently not. Necessity, and all that… I’m using up a bunch of cotton scraps for a snuggle.

I’ve also gotten a lot of kitchen knits done, but no pictures, yet. I’m waiting for the “set” to be finished.

Time to see if I can get to the toe without falling asleep. Hopefully the second sock is less obnoxious, somehow.