Busy, busy.

June 26, 2008

Things here have been busy lately. First, Stitch n’ Pitch:

The game was okay. Most of the people I recognized from Ravelry were on the far end of the section from me, so no real socializing. Just ooing and trying to peek at what everyone was working on without appearing obnoxiously nosy. And the goody bags. Free loot! Mostly Shawn watched the game and I got the cuff done on my first Nutkin (anklet sized), which is now done:

My goal for Summer of Socks is one sock a week, so I’m ahead of schedule. Yay!

Then there was Convergence. There were three knitting-focused booths, and even if one of those was a little under half weaving yarn. But still, for fiber addicts, a mecca. For those who like taking pictures of fiber, not so much. I was asked to turn off my camera shortly after being there — I guess there was something in the packet of information for non-day goers that specified no photography. But I did get a few pictures, including one this lovely fiber:

I was alone and not feeling well, so that made it less fun, but I did pick up goodies.

Some Soak:

And this neat Kumihimo (Japanese braiding) loom/kit:

And my best deal of the day, 6,300 yards of a light fingering weight cotton (6/2 in weaving terms) — a mill end from Webs, and under $20, in my favorite green:

I also got some J-Knits sock yarn and some Araucania Ulmo (cotton) Multy from Knit ‘n Knibble’s booth, and some gorgeous superwash/bamboo sock yarn from FiberLady. I really, really wanted to get something from Knitting Notions — they had some amazing stuff, but I was so overwhelmed by all the gorgeousness I couldn’t pick anything (well, other than really wanting a swift that I couldn’t afford and have no where to store). I came back three times, and still… overwhelmed, so since I knew they had an online store, I figured I’d put them on the top of my mental list (and knitting store bookmarks) for when I am ready to buy a swift, and the next time I have a yarn need they can fill.

Other than that, my Ribs and Lace tank is hibernating until the end of SoS, but it’s getting close to done. All that’s left is lots and lots of ribbing (and shaping). Shawn’s socks are very close to halfway done, but those are hibernating, too.

As a side note on Foody Friday, I haven’t been baking. First when the summer semester started I was just overwhelmed, and then I found out that I’m likely gluten intolerant (plus lactose intolerant and fructose malaborbant until my body heals from the gluten/autoimmune damage), so I’ve been eating gluten free since the 7th. Which means I’m going to have to learn a whole new way of baking (and buy all new supplies), which is probably a ways off (GF crap is expensive). For a silver lining I am seeing improvement already (hair not coming out by the literal fistful = very, very good), so I’m not minding it so much. Less time baking = more time knitting, and for now, that works for me.

One of these days I’ll have a real, live FO to share. Really.


I’m just back from Convergence. With.. oh.. around 7.5k yards of yarn.

Happy several-month-early birthday to me.

I think the only other yarn I will be buying this year (as in, up until next March) will be a sweater’s worth for NaKniSweMo and some gift stuff, maybe.

Pictures in a bit. What I could get, anyway, before I was told pics were off-limits.

Note to self:

May 31, 2008

Color cards.

WIPs, FOs, & Plans.

May 7, 2008

It was inadvertently brought to my attention last night that I haven’t really been blogging about my WIPs or FOs. Partly this is because I’m scatterbrained lately, and partly that I haven’t been working on anything worth yapping about. Last month I did a couple Christmas presents, and have the rest somewhat sorted out in my head, though most of them require yarn I don’t have. Other than that I made snuggles. I’m still making snuggles. I’m on the 5th, and I think the last I’ll do for a little bit, since I’m out of charity yarn after this one. I’m finding that the Cat Mat (Rav link) pattern by Kris Percival from Speed Knitting is a really nice snuggle pattern. It’s interesting to look at, quick, requires enough attention that it doesn’t lead to deadly boredom, but not so distracting that I can’t knit it while reading.

For a non-secret FO, I finished the million-triangle kitty crescent. Which the cats actually use, amazingly. At first Vree would just lay next to it, but after a week I’ve seen both snuggled up sleeping away on it. Of course, the camera is never handy at the time, so maybe this falls under “screenshot or it didn’t happen.” Either way, it completely emptied my scrap bags — both the “for stuffing” bag and the “maybe big enough for something itty” ball bag. I also chopped up the horrid Lion Homespun I’ve had up on Ravelry for trade since I’ve been there and used that to complete the stuffing. All the yarn scraps are wrapped up in one of Shawn’s old, stained t-shirts so the little yarn bits don’t escape.

This past week, though, I’ve mostly been knitting away at grocery bags. I’ve knit two different patterns so far, and have several left to try, before I pick out the elements I prefer.

Also on the needles right now are my Wicked Spirogyra for the WoW Knitters KAL. I picked up the yarn (Cascade Sassy Stripes, which so far is really nice to work with, if not as mindblowingly pretty as handpainted stuff) for these at Sip ‘N Knit in Maitland after seeing Wicked. Everything about them is about friendship.

And there’s Shawn’s (Easter – snort) socks that I’m only working on when I’m out, which isn’t often enough to make any great progress. I’m finally to the heel flap of the first one. I bet it’ll be until Summer of Socks starts that I really settle in and finish them.

So that’s 3 things on the needles (4 if you count the Pi that is still in need-yarn limbo), one that I’ll finish today or tomorrow (the snuggle), and two that have specific times dedicated to working on them. Next thing up is finally, finally starting the Ribs and Lace Tank (Rav link) with my KP Shine Worsted, hopefully to be finished in time, and come out well enough, to wear it to the Stitch ‘N Pitch.

Maybe I’ll even remember to blog about it.

For now I’m going to go find a skein of sock yarn to buy with our incentive check.

Just one.

I swear.

(Wish me luck.)


April 8, 2008

Okie, so the March SKD Challenge went… so-so. I knit through half my sock yarn stash rather than all of it, and started another pair before month’s end. And I knit 4 times as much yarn as I purchased, so maybe after a couple months of this all my yarn will fit in my storage space for it instead of overflowing into bags on the floor around it.

This month’s challenge is — Prep for Winter! Okay, except, I live in Florida. We are more of a Prep for Summer! (i.e. 3/4 of the year) sort of crowd. So I’m taking it as Prep for [Winter Holiday of Your Choosing Here] and making gifts early. These won’t show up on Rav, or Flickr, but I’ll move the stash to used and calculate my totals on the sidebar for group Mile challenge. I already have the first gift half of the way done with just a couple hours of fiddling. That one I’d had planned for ages. What’s next I’m not so sure of, and that’s where the challenge comes in. In fact, if I get all the gifts sorted and matched with their yarn in kits with the recipients labeled, that’ll probably be more of an accomplishment than actually knitting the stuff.

Knitting & Giving

April 7, 2008

I wound up all my “learn to knit” acrylic into double stranded balls. Well, not all of it, but my two giant balls of RH Supersaver.

I’ve been making snuggles. I’ve got two Bun/Kitten ones done (14×14), including the intarsia experiment.

Now I’m working on grown-up cat size ones (24×24). It’s a nice something-to-do while reading RSS feeds. No thought whatsoever. And fast. And stash reducing. Even though the RHSS isn’t in my Rav stash, those two balls were taking up about a quarter of the space I have for proper stash storage. So, yeah, how much of this is for me, and how much is for the kitties is debatable.

Also, if you’re not into charity knitting, there’s a giving opportunity here. Knitters for Knockers is a group of knitters doing the Komen Race for the Cure (both the running and the fundraising). Plus there’s a raffle, so, chance to get as well as give. Their goal is $5k, and so far they’re nearing the $2k mark.

Of buying stuffs.

April 4, 2008

I’m still spending too much on knitting, but my weakness has been tools, not yarn.

It all started with needing a needle. But Jo-Ann’s didn’t have it. And I didn’t want to drive all over town looking for it, or send Shawn to do the same. So I bought needles on eBay. They’re cheap, and they won’t last forever, I’m sure, but they are serviceable, which is what I really wanted. I can replace them slowly with needles that wow me. And did I mention they were cheap? 19 circular needles and 6 sets of 4 inch dpns for $22.63, shipping inclusive. Compare that with the $4.50-ish I spent on a size 10 circ towards the beginning of the March at a chain store with a 40% off coupon, and…. I have no real complaints.

I also picked up some buttons that were on clearance. No real purpose in mind, but they were $1 and I love wooden buttons.

And, on sale from knitting-warehouse, a cheapy ballwinder, which I am in the midst of a tawdry affair with (sorry, Shawn, but you’ll benefit from it, I swear):

(The cats are so ashamed.)

That’s about a pound of kitchen cotton wound into center pull balls from a giant, and entirely unmanageable, log of yarn. In about 10 minutes.

I did buy yarn — a ball of wool for the Pi that is still in need of yet more wool, and a new ball of sock yarn when I finished up my Cherry Tree Hill. This is Colinette Jitterbug in Castagna purchased at Needles & Knobs in St. Pete.

It’s sitting in my stash for now. But not for long.

Valentine’s Day+

February 21, 2008

I spent much of Valentine’s week working on a pair of house socks for Shawn. I’m starting to think Knitpicks’ Onyx Heather is just unphotographable by my camera as an FO. Or it could just be that Shawn is never here in the daytime and our lighting at night is insanely poor. I was hoping to get a better picture before posting. Right. Anyway, socks:

They came out a tiny bit too big, mostly around the ankles, but not uncomfortably so, and I think on soaking they’ll get a bit smaller? They’re standard k2p2 rib, on size 5 & 6 needles with Wool of the Andes. It was my first magic loop project and honestly, I don’t like it for socks at all. I just enjoy double points for some reason. But they’ll keep my love’s feet warm, which was all I really wanted.

In return I got the Lace & Eyelets Harmony Guide. Swatching soon! I think I’m going to make a scarf of Maizy, since using it for socks got such bad reviews on Rav, probably in a stitch pattern from the book. I’ll need some smaller non-dpn needles, maybe. We’ll see how it takes to 5’s, but I have a feeling they’re going to be much to big, even for lace.

I also (maybe) finished the first Pi. I’m hand-felting (apartment dweller + control freak). I did a first felting Tuesday, and left it to dry overnight, but when I got up it was suddenly really obvious to me that it was not felted enough. So I did some more scrubbing/shocking and re-blocked this morning. Could be I think the same when I wake up tomorrow.

I started the second Pi, this time on size 13s and double stranded. It was my first double stranding. And it was going along wonderfully until I ran out of yarn. So, for now it’s all bagged up waiting for more. But I swear I would’ve finished the thing in one afternoon and evening had I not run out. That makes me want to make tons. Especially since it was so much easier just using one needle, magic looping until the circumference was large enough to use the circulars traditionally.

For now, I’m working on the apron when there’s light (it being black and all) and a little felted sock knitting bag in a bright Cascade 220 when there’s not. The Cascade is really nice to work with so far.

And I finally found the pattern to go with my Cherry Tree Hill: Pumpkin Vine Socks. I’ve poured over dozens of patterns, in my queue and not, and wasn’t happy with any of them. Then I came across that one earlier tonight and just went WANT. So I’ll probably cast those on sometime this week.

In (kinda) non-knitting news we put in an offer for a house on Tuesday.

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Still crazy.

February 7, 2008

All of it was 70% off. Well, really somewhere around 60% off, because that dark gray is 1 ball of dk, and 1 ball of 4 ply and they accidentally charged me for two of each, and since it was their last day and I didn’t notice that until I went through my receipts that night, really nothing I could do about it. It’s not like it wasn’t an amazing deal anyway.

I do regret the bamboo tape a bit. It was a blush color in the store and definitely a beige by sunlight. I’ll find something to do with it, for sure, and I don’t dislike beige (in fact, the “be bold, not beige” IKEA commercials irk me). I’m just not as in love with it. As much as I love the tweed, I regret that, too. I was rushed and not looking and only noticed after that it contains silk. It’s beautiful, though.

I have plans for almost all of it. Not that they won’t change.

I think in all during their sales I spent $150 for a circular needle, a set of dpns, 2 issues of IK, a thread cutter, and about 3.5 miles of yarn.

Oh, and I got the last color of Lion Wool I needed to finish the Pi, finally! Woot!

A little bit of everything.

January 31, 2008

Project status time!

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