Busy, busy.

June 26, 2008

Things here have been busy lately. First, Stitch n’ Pitch:

The game was okay. Most of the people I recognized from Ravelry were on the far end of the section from me, so no real socializing. Just ooing and trying to peek at what everyone was working on without appearing obnoxiously nosy. And the goody bags. Free loot! Mostly Shawn watched the game and I got the cuff done on my first Nutkin (anklet sized), which is now done:

My goal for Summer of Socks is one sock a week, so I’m ahead of schedule. Yay!

Then there was Convergence. There were three knitting-focused booths, and even if one of those was a little under half weaving yarn. But still, for fiber addicts, a mecca. For those who like taking pictures of fiber, not so much. I was asked to turn off my camera shortly after being there — I guess there was something in the packet of information for non-day goers that specified no photography. But I did get a few pictures, including one this lovely fiber:

I was alone and not feeling well, so that made it less fun, but I did pick up goodies.

Some Soak:

And this neat Kumihimo (Japanese braiding) loom/kit:

And my best deal of the day, 6,300 yards of a light fingering weight cotton (6/2 in weaving terms) — a mill end from Webs, and under $20, in my favorite green:

I also got some J-Knits sock yarn and some Araucania Ulmo (cotton) Multy from Knit ‘n Knibble’s booth, and some gorgeous superwash/bamboo sock yarn from FiberLady. I really, really wanted to get something from Knitting Notions — they had some amazing stuff, but I was so overwhelmed by all the gorgeousness I couldn’t pick anything (well, other than really wanting a swift that I couldn’t afford and have no where to store). I came back three times, and still… overwhelmed, so since I knew they had an online store, I figured I’d put them on the top of my mental list (and knitting store bookmarks) for when I am ready to buy a swift, and the next time I have a yarn need they can fill.

Other than that, my Ribs and Lace tank is hibernating until the end of SoS, but it’s getting close to done. All that’s left is lots and lots of ribbing (and shaping). Shawn’s socks are very close to halfway done, but those are hibernating, too.

As a side note on Foody Friday, I haven’t been baking. First when the summer semester started I was just overwhelmed, and then I found out that I’m likely gluten intolerant (plus lactose intolerant and fructose malaborbant until my body heals from the gluten/autoimmune damage), so I’ve been eating gluten free since the 7th. Which means I’m going to have to learn a whole new way of baking (and buy all new supplies), which is probably a ways off (GF crap is expensive). For a silver lining I am seeing improvement already (hair not coming out by the literal fistful = very, very good), so I’m not minding it so much. Less time baking = more time knitting, and for now, that works for me.

One of these days I’ll have a real, live FO to share. Really.


Foody Friday(?!)

April 2, 2008

Okay so, I cheat. It’s Wednesday. I’m either two days early or several weeks late.

While my head is still a dull ache, here are the two things (besides the normal) I’ve baked since the last food post:

(I so need to rescue my tripod from the car for these evening shots.)

I think anytime you see pies that don’t require a top from me, there will be two. Our co-op sells whole wheat pie frozen pie crusts that are way better, both in taste and nutrition, than anything I’ve ever come up with at home. They come in packs of two. But they’re a bit fragile so I always want to use them pretty close together for fear of breakage as Shawn shoves stuff around in the freezer.

The first there is Casey’s Tollhouse Pie recipe. It was so yummy, but very rich. It ended up being cut into very many small slices. Next time, I need to remember to rotate, though. One side was slightly underdone.

The second was pretty easy, something I made for Shawn when he first came down with the cold — the previously mentioned crust, a chocolate puddingish filling, and whipped cream for a topping. Nuts on the one piece I tried. (I continue to hate my own pudding while Shawn loves it. Good that the pie was for him.) The whipped cream I did on the fly, but, well, I mean, it’s whipped cream. Sugar + cream + mixer = not hard.

I continue to suck at biscuits but I’m armed with a dozen new recipes to try out whenever I kick this headache thing.

Foody Friday

February 21, 2008

Most of my cooking lately has been disappointing. Shawn loved the pudding, I didn’t like it at all. Fried chicken turned out greasy and soggy. Biscuits that were better but not what I’m looking for.

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I finally put together the pudding mix recipe that’s been on my desktop forever. First I couldn’t find any dry milk because of everyone’s holiday baking (and when I did find it, it was $7!), and then I didn’t have any free containers to put it in, and then I was recovering from vacation. So, yay, pudding mix! I used a piece of tape on the outside to write cooking directions on. The recipe is from Good Eats and I dug out information about converting unsweetened cocoa into Dutch-processed here.

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Foody Friday

January 30, 2008

Okay, so it’s not Friday, but this post was meant for last Friday before the day got away from me, and we’ve been out of town since. A long knitting post to follow sometime today or tomorrow.

I did a lot of cooking last week. A lot. Mostly on Tuesday. After a night of insomnia. Manic much?

Our local co-op usually has really cheap bunches of a-bit-too-ripe organic bananas. But usually there are maybe 2 or 3 or 4 in a pack, and usually just one or two packs. When we went on Sunday they had a five pound pack. For less than $1.50. See?

What does that mean? Banana bread! I used way more than a cup of bananas, so I used a half cup milk instead of ¾ cup. Normally, I’d have used less, but I traded half the white flour (with germ) for whole wheat flour, which usually needs a little help in the moisture department. I usually use walnuts, but all I could find in the bulk bins was pecans (as walnuts are out of season), which work just as well for me.

All in all it turned out wonderful. I’m still getting that line of overdoneness on everything I make in that loaf pan, which is frustrating. I’d consider it time for a new loaf pan, except I’m trying to not buy anything except yarn until we figure out our housing situation. The less stuff to move, the better.

Okay so five pounds is too much for banana bread, so I ate a couple that really weren’t too ripe, and the rest went in a ziploc and into the freezer for smoothies.

Next up was pizza dough. Which came out funky for some reason. Perfectly edible, even yummy, but still, more dense than normal. Maybe because the flour had wheat germ in it? Or maybe because I had to skimp out on a bit of the yeast.

Meanwhile, I also made potato soup, and our creamy penne. Oh, and ranch, of course. I’d meant to make it two weeks ago, as we’d run out of the last time I made it by then, but totally forgot to buy buttermilk somehow, so we just used prepackaged the past two weeks.

I really like getting a lot of cooking done at once. I know I have nutritious things to eat that aren’t any real work once they’re made. And I only have to clean up the work areas once. And less cleaning means more knitting!

Anyway, Wednesday I redid the pretzels again using this recipe. The one — one — I rolled to the proper size came out perfect. The others looked too small so I didn’t roll them as thin, forgetting how much they puff up in the boiling, and they turned out gooey in the end. Yummy, but still not perfect. I was so afraid when I took them out of the oven that they were burned, but the color difference was just the whole wheat flour (50/50 mix with all-purpose, decreasing flour by .25 cups). So hopefully using that recipe with the flour adjustments and rolling them out to the right size will be the key and I can move on to biscuits.

I may have cooked something Thursday but if I did I completely don’t remember. And Friday until now we’ve been on the road…. where we ate a lot of yummies, but I didn’t make a bit of it.


January 4, 2008

I made brownies, and more brownies, and really, a lot of brownies. Same recipe I’ve been using for forever for brownies, but suddenly Shawn likes it. Don’t. ask. me.

Mostly we’ve been just doing typical dinners. Tacos, chicken Stromboli, pizza, pasta, chicken soup, etc. Nothing frozen, but nothing bake-ish or complex, either. We’ve both been sick, so I even just caved and bought pizza dough from the deli. I need to get moving on the next batch of pretzels.

The only other thing that comes to mind is my aunt sent us the coolest thing ever: measuring bowls. And a gorgeous wooden mortar & pestle that I used last night to grind up some parsley for garlic salt (along with fresh ground sea salt and garlic granules from the bulk bins at Nature’s Food Patch). Hopefully I’ll be well enough this week to do some baking and pass along the pictures.

I did get Shawn’s Greenery Hat done this week, though, and my sock blocker came from The Loopy Ewe. I’m in love with both.

Foody Friday

December 29, 2007

The French bread I’ve been making has proved to be pretty versatile, making a bit of a different pizza crust, and some really great sandwich rolls. Here’s what I’m doing:

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Foody Fridays (on a Saturday)

December 22, 2007

A bit late, and a bit shorter.

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Foody Fridays

December 14, 2007

Okay, so, I know this is a knitting blog, but my food creation and my knitting life seem to be becoming more and more intertwined, and I’ve been itching to post about my cooking adventures the way I have been about my knitting ones.

I used to cook a lot, and then I fell out of the practice for the past few years. Mostly because I hate our kitchen. Hate is actually a bit of an understatement. I’ve tried to make it nice, put up curtains, little decorative touches, but nothing made it better. It’s still a dinky, dark little cave of a place with the only window looking out directly to a… wall. So, eventually I stopped trying, and stopped really cooking. But recently a series of things happened that seemed to be pushing me towards cooking again. First, I had commented to my aunt while cooking on Thanksgiving that she could toss me any measuring spoon she had handy, since I was used to having a set missing pieces. So, my aunt, being the incredibly caring person she is, sent me a really wonderful measuring spoon and cup set. Then, earlier this week Shawn bought us a stand mixer (lots of employee discounts involved). But there is no room in our kitchen for it, and it’s just too heavy to do what we do with the food processor (hiding it in a cabinet when not in use). So we, well… we put it on the coffee table.

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