2008, Looking Back

January 8, 2009

35 projects completed, mostly small, especially towards the end of the year. I really like small projects, I think: socks, bookmarks, dishtowels, bags… My favorite FO made for me has to be the Valentine Socks (variegated pink with brown heels and toes). The bags, cloths, and bookmarks are the most handy, though. They get daily use, as do the cat toys and their bed, both of which really need replacement, though. Cats are not gentle with their toys or sleepy places!

I’ve been thinking maybe with the new year, it’s time to toss my queue and start over. It’s a mess. A 15 page mess. That’s 450ish projects! Yikes. And, well, lots of fun to be had.

I’m excited to see what comes off the needles in 2009.