Foody Friday(?!)

April 2, 2008

Okay so, I cheat. It’s Wednesday. I’m either two days early or several weeks late.

While my head is still a dull ache, here are the two things (besides the normal) I’ve baked since the last food post:

(I so need to rescue my tripod from the car for these evening shots.)

I think anytime you see pies that don’t require a top from me, there will be two. Our co-op sells whole wheat pie frozen pie crusts that are way better, both in taste and nutrition, than anything I’ve ever come up with at home. They come in packs of two. But they’re a bit fragile so I always want to use them pretty close together for fear of breakage as Shawn shoves stuff around in the freezer.

The first there is Casey’s Tollhouse Pie recipe. It was so yummy, but very rich. It ended up being cut into very many small slices. Next time, I need to remember to rotate, though. One side was slightly underdone.

The second was pretty easy, something I made for Shawn when he first came down with the cold — the previously mentioned crust, a chocolate puddingish filling, and whipped cream for a topping. Nuts on the one piece I tried. (I continue to hate my own pudding while Shawn loves it. Good that the pie was for him.) The whipped cream I did on the fly, but, well, I mean, it’s whipped cream. Sugar + cream + mixer = not hard.

I continue to suck at biscuits but I’m armed with a dozen new recipes to try out whenever I kick this headache thing.


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