Brain closed, check back later.

April 1, 2008

There’s been a dozen posts I’ve meant to make. But first I had the killer cold a doom for two weeks. And now I’m having blindingly painful jaw/face/headaches every afternoon/evening. I’m not sure if it’s jaw-related (my right jaw has been popping when I yawn for about a year now, and that’s the same jaw that’s aching), sinus related from leftover cold issues, or hormonal (I should be PMSing, though my cycles have been wacky for forever now).

Yesterday I was thinking maybe it was chocolate because I had a piece of easter candy in the morning and a headache developed, then diminished for a bit, but returned after a piece of pie at desert time. I’m going to stay away from the stuff a few more days, but I’m thinking it was just coincidence.

I really haven’t been doing much baking or knitting, but I will eventually write about what I have done as soon as my brain can string the words and pictures together.


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