I can haz patrn Reeding skillz?

February 21, 2008

I can read a pattern. Kinda. I can read through it and see what skills I need, and see if I have them, or am in the mood to get them. If I hit a chart, I freak out until I remind myself I can write it out, duh. If I hit too many charts I panic and start mumbling about how knitters are friends, not food, and then run away. Charts just go all wonky in my brain. I’m too textual.

But beyond that, what I can’t do a lot of the time is Read a pattern and understand how it’s going to turn out.

For example, kitty pi. I was working it on worsted in size 8’s. I didn’t know magic loop at the time, and wasn’t willing to invest in size 11 or 13 dpns, nor had I ever double stranded. Or felted. So, I thought, just take the pattern as is and keep making it bigger. Except, no. Going from the proscribed 144 stitches to doing a kfb up to 288 made a flare.

Instead of having nice, straight sides that would’ve happened if I’d just kept knitting, I have a little skirty thing going on (at least while it’s upside down blocking). And while it’s cute, it’s not was going for. And I’m not sure I really understand why the kfb increases up to the 144 point result in a flat fabric, but the next increase created something entirely different.

So in the end, I wasted yarn that could’ve gone to the second pi and got a different look than I envisioned would happen.

Does anyone have any tips to help resolve this apparent lack of intuition/knowledge about how something will be when it’s off the needles? Or is it just something that comes with time and practice?


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