Foody Friday

February 21, 2008

Most of my cooking lately has been disappointing. Shawn loved the pudding, I didn’t like it at all. Fried chicken turned out greasy and soggy. Biscuits that were better but not what I’m looking for.

And cupcakes. I think I overmixed the eggs because the texture was totally ick. They tasted okay… kinda, I just felt like I was eating a corn muffin. The frosting was perfect, but I think it’d be harder to mess up buttercream than get it right.

(I’m no cake decorator. My mom taught me how to do neat stuff as a kid, but I’ve retained none of it, and I don’t have any tips to really do anything.)

Shawn scored with some really good smoothies. Frozen bananas + fresh strawberries + apple juice = Yum!

And I did manage to make some luscious bread. I cooked the first loaf right away and it was awesome, and even easily sliced as long as I went slow and did it from the underside (loaf upside down).

The second loaf I let rise the first time, then froze the dough. It’s probably the best tasting white bread I’ve ever had, but it’s entirely too soft for sandwiches. Perfect for fondue or soup.

Now to put in the chicken for Shawn’s chicken salad, and start sifting the flour for biscuits.


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