Heading off

February 12, 2008

Mom’s box is ready to go!

This has been in progress for like a year, sadly. There’s the scarf I crocheted and the recipe book I made, both last Christmastime, along with the niobium earrings that came somewhere in the meantime, the lapghan, and the shawl I finished off today.

I think the shawl will be just the right size, though I thought maybe I should’ve skipped the twelve rows directly after the k2tog, yo row. It would’ve been cuter that way, but then I decided cute wasn’t really what I was going for, and I liked the “collar” the extra space created. I did leave off the last two k rows.

Anyway, here ’tis on me:

It would need to be a little bigger for me, or I’d have to have a shawl pin, since it was trying to fall off my shoulders, but it’ll fit mom just fine since she is a gazillion sizes smaller than I am.

I wish I could’ve gotten a better picture of the back, but it just wasn’t working out.

Maybe she’ll take some pictures in it and send them to me if I’m lucky. Provided she doesn’t hate it and never wear it.

One more thought: I think if I were to make it for anyone else, it’d be wool. Still in a solid, though maybe gray, or a very dark jewel tone, perhaps with a contrasting edging (crochet, perhaps?). The acrylic was a bit heavy, and I think over time will droop a bit. It’s very warm and very soft, though, so hopefully that will make up for any flaws.


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