Foody Friday [Mixes, and biscuits, and pretzels (oh my?)]

February 8, 2008

I finally put together the pudding mix recipe that’s been on my desktop forever. First I couldn’t find any dry milk because of everyone’s holiday baking (and when I did find it, it was $7!), and then I didn’t have any free containers to put it in, and then I was recovering from vacation. So, yay, pudding mix! I used a piece of tape on the outside to write cooking directions on. The recipe is from Good Eats and I dug out information about converting unsweetened cocoa into Dutch-processed here.

I haven’t “officially” tried the pudding yet. It’s still setting up in the fridge. When it turned from liquid to pudding while cooking was really cool, though. Almost akin to lace blocking. I tasted it warm and it really wasn’t sweet enough for me, which means I’ll probably change the ratio of powdered sugar to cocoa next batch. And pick up or make some whipped cream for this one.

Then I put together a pancake mix. The pancakes produced were so-so. It needs work once we finish off this batch.

As do my biscuits. They were good, but not good enough. Yet.

My brownies though? Need nothing. Other than to be made for others and sent off.

And I finalized my pretzel recipes. The baked version (recipe link) was finsihed a long time ago, but I just added it to wegottaeat. The boiled version (recipe link) are never going to be true, perfect pretzels because I’m not extreme enough to lye dip them. But they are good. Each in their own way.

The boiled ones ended up being a combination of so many things that I included my sources below. One thing for sure, is they do not keep (another reason to prefer the baked). Not even one night. Maybe if you leave them in open air, but uh… we have creatures. I’m assuming they would freeze okay, but I think I’d rather just make them fresh when I want them.

Sources: Easy to Bake recipe card, The Food Network, Strothotte Online, WikiHow & my husband’s valuable feedback of “Yummy!” or “…those look too gross to try”.


2 Responses to “Foody Friday [Mixes, and biscuits, and pretzels (oh my?)]”

  1. Dave Says:

    Hi. Just noticed your post and mention of WeGottaEat. You may find it helpful to link to your shared recipes directly from your blog. Click on the “Discover” link and then on the “Me” link. You’ll see all your shared recipes listed. Click to view the recipe and get the link from the Shared section. Have fun.

  2. ambertides Says:

    Thanks, Dave! If you’ll read through above, you’ll see I’d found that feature already. It’s a great one and I really appreciate it.

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