A little bit of everything.

January 31, 2008

Project status time!

Mom’s shawl is still going very slow. I’ve been knitting on it, at least a little, every day, even during the trip. I’m up to 120-something stitches across out of 270-something. So…. a ways to go.

The Kitty Pi is still awaiting more yarn. Yeah.

I started Angela’s Apron from the Spring 07 IK, but I’m only a couple inches into the skirt.

I cast on and finished several cloths, including an extra-long ballband. I’ll have to make another since the pattern is not as wide as I would like for the bowl I generally use for letting bread rise. Also yellow is not really my favorite color. But I had tons to use up. Also? I need size 5 (cat toys) and 7 (ballband cloths) needles, which I seem to be lacking.

I also cast on and finished a pair of footie socks with the Fabel (that ended up being much different in my hands than online). These will be bowling socks and live in the car.

And I finished the lapghan! It’s really pretty, and really soft. I shortened it by one repeat because I ran out of yarn, and well, we are not tall women in my family, so it should work out fine.

(Sorry for the drama — I was playing with Picnik.)

And, of course, since I was on a trip, I had to have souvenir yarn. We stopped at Purl in Apalachicola.

Purl is actually a small yarn section in a small book store. But they did wonders with the space they had. I finally saw some Noro that gave me an idea of what all the fuss is about. They also had a small selection of Tilli Thomas, Trekking XL, Louet Gems, some linen and some tweed that I can’t remember the brands of. There was a really pretty bulky wool I kept petting, too.

The Lantern Moon selection was really impressive. As were these measuring tapes:

I wanted one so much, but I was already spending $15 on yarn. Another $15 for a tape put me well over what I wanted to spend. I ended up going with Maizy (corn fiber and elastic nylon) for kitsch factor. The reviews on Ravelry are pretty negative, but I still think it’ll be fun. Being a Florida girl, wool socks aren’t extremely practical anyway.

The LYSO was great, by the way. She greeted me right away and then gave me space to oogle for probably a half an hour. I’d also forgotten kitchener stitch instructions and I had both socks more or less done other than that. So I asked if she had them, expecting maybe a sketchy overview, but she actually printed out the instructions for me and gave me a couple tips to make it easier.

I can’t wait to cast on more socks, but I’m trying to be good and finish everything else first.


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  1. Dale Julian Says:

    Thank you very much for your kind words! – Dale

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