January 19, 2008

Sue got her socks and………. they didn’t fit. Le sigh. I wrote to ask her if she liked getting handmade things (I didn’t ask her before because I wanted it to be a surprise), and if she writes back yes, I will make her another pair, in proper sock yarn (or maybe the suggested Baby Cashmerino — anyone know if it’s really washable? Or more like Rowan 4-ply that will “slightly” felt?), on bigger needles and figure if it doesn’t fit my foot, it won’t fit hers and reknit the blasted thing. We do wear the same size shoes, after all. I had to laugh because she was blaming her fat feet the same way I blamed mine. No — I just knit them wrong. Ah well, at least she thought they were pretty. I suggested they become oddly shaped potpourri bags. She suggested framing. Isn’t family wonderful?

I’m still inching along on the blankie and the shawl, though I shouldn’t really say inching for the lapghan, since it is actually moving very fast. I’ll probably finish up with the second ball of Light ‘N Lofty today, and have to get more from Jo-Ann tomorrow to finish it off in the next few days.

I spent one day this week on dishcloth/washcloth stuff. I started reading a huge thread on Ravelry about “why dishcloths?” and it just really got me lusting after some dishcloths for us. Add that to where I’d been planning for a while to make washcloths for gifts to go with some local handmade soap/bath goodies (late Christmas, anyone?), and it turned into a cotton day. I knit up two dishcloths for us in Bernat organic cotton, and then tried to make the flower washcloth from the Weekend Knitting. Doesn’t (or didn’t for me) work in regular cotton. I knit it twice, and ripped it twice. I might try it again in the cotton chenille, but the truth is — I hated knitting the thing. I will probably just stick to my feather and fan stitch cloths with their special scrubbing power (garter ridges ftw!) for people washing, though I want to try the Mason-Dixon Ballband cloths for dishes (and as a spare omop pad) soonish.

However, do you see how beautiful the pakucho is? Yummmm.

That day I also disassembled the bath puff I crocheted myself over a year ago. It was time for it to die, but I, sadly, can’t ever seem to just throw crap away, so I ripped it and turned it into two very ragged looking plain, boring, stockinette cloths to wash and dry our yuckiest, germiest surface dirt.

What I did not get done was the gift cloths. Oops. Today. Maybe.

I haven’t been baking much. I really need to get back to the pretzels, but the energy just isn’t there for me right now. I have been working on a multi-grain bread, one grain at a time. Right now I have white flour, whole wheat flour, and flax. Shawn said it came out too bitter for him, but I thought it was really good. Oh, well. I do think I might want to add a touch of (brown) sugar (or perhaps honey or molasses?) as I keep adding grains. Though maybe not until I get farther down the list. Next up is oats. I picked oats and flax first because, well, they’re a couple of my favorite grains (okay, so flax is technically a seed, but wev), both in taste and what I need nutritionally.

Hopefully I’ll have a blankie FO and cloth FOs to post pictures of soon.


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