K to end.

January 10, 2008

Finding projects suitable for my mom isn’t easy. She’s strictly a wash and wear sort of girl, but at the same time, I tend to want to make her things that are, well, girly. Elegant, frilly, lacy. Unfortunately, the wash and wear fibers that I know of (acrylic, cotton, superwash) are not particularly blockable. As is, I crocheted her present for Christmas of 2006 out of wool before I realized you couldn’t wash wool (don’t laugh — I’m from Florida. Sweaters in anything but cotton aren’t exactly common here).

But! But! Over the past week I’ve found two projects that actually I think will love acrylic, and what’s more, acrylic I already have laying around. One is stockinette mixed with garter, the other is garter stitch for miles, and the third project I’m mainly working on is stockinette in the round. After all the bloody cables lately on top of getting sick again, I don’t actually mind. I actually couldn’t knit at all a couple days ago, and it was miserable.

Anyhow, project uno is the Fluffy Lap Blanket (by Nicky Epstein) from Weekend Knitting in Red Heart Light & Lofty in Antique Rose and Red Heart Soft in white.

The second is the Simple Garter Stitch Prairie Shawl from Folk Shawls (yay, library) using Red Heart Soft in off white:

The stockinette in the round is continuing on the Kitty Pi. Shawn actually went out and got me the yarn for the next color (I’m using three separate colors of Lion Wool, one variegated, two solids). Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

And here’s a (semi-blurry) picture of the finished Greenery Hat (this thing refuses to be properly photographed):

And the FO of the week (as if there were one every week — ha!), the Spindle Socks for my aunt:

Note that I don’t think Rowan 4-ply makes very good sock yarn. I could be wrong, it could be my gauge, and I haven’t actually knit any “real” sock yarn yet (yeah, that resolve to knit for myself is working out real well so far). But this stuff seems to have zero stretch at all. Since the socks fit on the medium blockers, I’m relatively sure they’ll fit my aunt’s feet. But they so weren’t going over mine with my fat foot tops.

I actually have a couple other things on needles or planned (socks and scarf for Shawn, gloves for … someone, a dishtowel, some rags, etc), besides the tank, but they’re all little or put off for a little bit while I try and finish up this stuff.

I’m never getting through my queue, but least it looks like I might be able to clear my stash.


2 Responses to “K to end.”

  1. Casey Says:

    Actually, cotton will block VERY well. Cotton blends might block too, although it does depend what it’s blended with.

    I made the fluffy lap blanket for my mom a few years ago, and she loved it… and then the cats took over. I don’t think she’s used it since.

  2. ambertides Says:

    Oh, that’s so cool! I’d been told cotton doesn’t block at all.

    Mom’s dogs might take over this one, but I won’t be there to see it. 😉

    *runs off to see what she can find about cotton blocking*

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