Knitting loot!

December 29, 2007

I didn’t get anything remotely knitty for Christmas. But I have bought myself some stuff lately. Okay, mostly today. I did pick up the Harmony Guide: Knit & Purl a week or so ago when Borders sent me a 40% off coupon. You don’t want to know how much I’ve been swatching instead of making things. Oh well, one day it will all be a blankie (or three) for the Snuggles Project.

Then today my Fabel came. One the colors kinda scares me in the ball. It looks pretty much nothing like my monitor view of a swatch of it (much, much brighter), but we’ll see how it knits up. And also today I went and took advantage of the 40% off going out of business sale at one of the LYS’s I don’t usually go to (The Yarn Gallery on 580 near the border of Clearwater & Dunedin — she said they were closing at the end of January). Thank goodness it’s not Uncommon Threads. I’d cry. But I walked away with some Crystal Palace DPNs (size 6 to make some house socks for Shawn’s giant feet), the Spring and Summer ’07 IKs, and…. a skein of Cherry Tree Hill in blue/green. Real live sock yarn. For me! I used one the DPNs to roll it into a ball in the car. I still have to decide what socks to make with it as my ankles are pretty wide so one skein is probably going to produce a pretty short sock on me. Which is fine since I prefer anklets anyway. It is Florida, after all. Maybe I’ll use it for my first foray into toe ups.

Of course, first I’ll be finishing the spindle socks. I’ve almost got one done, and I’m kinda biting my nails that they’re too small for anyone. They are definitely too small for me. I guess I’ll just have to see who they fit, and if they don’t fit Sue, make her some other socks.

I really need sock blockers… sigh… Maybe this blog should be “never enough funds!”


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