Foody Fridays (on a Saturday)

December 22, 2007

A bit late, and a bit shorter.

In the last FF post, I mentioned making mashed potatoes with the stand mixer for the first time, and not knowing if I’d like them. Well, they came out really well whipped. I blended them a little with the paddle, and then switched to the whisk to get them extra fluffy. I probably should’ve scraped the sides more than I did, because there were a few bigish chunks mixed in with the rest of the nice whipped bits. Half of a five pound bag of potatoes, 2 sticks of butter, some heavy cream and whole milk, and salt and pepper to taste, made us mashed potatoes to go with his tetrazzini and my tuna casserole, use for a mashed potato bake, and as a side for Shawn’s meatloaf.

On Saturday I made cinnamon scones for breakfast, adding twice the sugar, and a bit of extra cream and butter to compensate, since scones are usually too bland for me. I did a half batch since it is just the two of us. They were really, really good. I’m a sucker for anything sweet and cinnamon and buttery all at the same time.

And I re-did the pretzels as I described before. Much better this time. They were about as good as one could expect for direct-to-oven (in other words, fluffy inside and out) pretzels. Next try — boiling! I do think I’m going to use this as breadstick dough, though, since they taste exactly like really amazing breadsticks.

Our disasters for the week were the deep fried stuff – empanadas and corn dogs. I think our problem is not having a candy thermometer to test the heat, so nothing else is getting fried until we get one. The empanadas were so bad we scrapped them and used the remaining seasoned meat for taco salads instead. The corn dogs came out edible, but my batter-covered-cheese got dumped.

And the disappointment for the week was the baked hush puppies that tasted more like oniony cornbread than anything remotely hush puppyish. In this case I can only blame the recipe. Also for that night, I prefer my version of tuna caserole to the one in the recipe I was trying, but it wasn’t awful.

On the list for next week for baking is — cookies! Also potato soup, stromboli, and trying to recreate a ziti sauce I haven’t made in a gazillion years.


One Response to “Foody Fridays (on a Saturday)”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Pretzel yummy! GIMME MORE!

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