Just keep knitting…

December 16, 2007

Don’t ask me what it is with the Disney stuff. It’s just there.

This evening I picked up the stole to work on it some more. I hadn’t gotten much done today because Shawn is home, and it’s always hard to knit anything that requires concentration when he’s home. But he was watching TV and on the computer, so I figured I’d get a little done, at least. This is just one of those nights where nothing works. None of the podcast downloading programs I went through worked very well, I kept losing everything (scissors, hooks, usb cords, etc.), dinner came out for crap, even my panties kept twisting.

Three rows in and the knitting explodes in my hands.

Okay, so, not quite, but that’s what it felt like. I’m not entirely sure what happened. What appeared to have happen was that there was a dropped stitch a few rows back. But I hadn’t had any problems with row/pattern counts, and the drop stitch seemed to come out of nowhere and become this huge aimless loop.

Tinking back hundreds of stitches of lace was not happening. So I tried to fix it. Ha ha. I actually spent about three hours in frustration trying to fix it. When I pinned it, I felt I could do it, but I couldn’t pin it and fix it at the same time, and I lost my place with it not pinned. I mostly spent a long time making things worse.

At some point I sighed at the mess in my hands and decided to just do my best to minimize the damage. The issue is still clearly visible, but not the gaping hole it was. My lack of skills, let me show you them:

My solution? At this point… just keep going. I still want to get it to a wearable length by Friday, even if it’s more a capelet than a stole, and hopefully that’ll be the only glaring error, and hopefully I’ll be able to cover it, either with itself or a pin. At one point maybe I’ll be good enough to drop a stitch down through the pattern to fix it, but, uh, I’d be lucky to manage that with stockinette at this point, let alone lace.

My first knitting project was a mess, my first sock was a mess, so my first lace project having an obvious error shouldn’t be a shock, though it’s a disappointment as unlike those two projects, I was trying very hard to fix any errors that popped up. I’m hoping to let my perfectionism go enough that I stop sulking about it and just move on.

With the bad luck tonight I should’ve built up enough goodwill that the rest should breeze by… right?

Ah well, practice, practice…


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