December 13, 2007

I never understood retail therapy until I started knitting. I’ve been really depressed all week. I took myself off a medication and my hormones just went out of control. I don’t even really remember yesterday since I spent most of it just staring into space.

Today I got up and opened all my daily tabs in Firefox, including my advent calendars, including the DROPS one Casey posted about. Today’s is another pair of socks and while I don’t exactly love either sock pattern they posted, I do really love the Garnstudio jacquard-style sock yarn (Fabel) they used for both. So I looked into how much it was, and when I saw it was pretty cheap, even after shipping, I bought a ball. Enough to make some anklets or something else I haven’t thought of. I really wanted some Glitter but I’m holding off on that until I figure out what I want to make with it. I’m thinking something lacy, maybe when I finish my Sea & Shells Stole.

Anyway, I’m still not in a great headspace, but I am really excited about my new yarn and ready to settle back into working on the stole.


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