Knitter’s rosary

November 16, 2007

The idea of a knitter’s rosary came to me one day as I was typing “.” into notepad to keep track of my row count. I looked to see if there was an easy way to make one online and found only a single entry about someone making one, but no instructions and the picture wasn’t very clear. Then I checked to see if anyone on Etsy had some, and there were several, but none I liked. Then I pondered commissioning Wyrding Studios to make me one, but I really don’t have the funds for that. So that left making my own on the fly.

I had originally planned just having a single strand of beads and a lobster clasp and moving the clasp each knitted row to let a bead drop. Instead, I pilfered a couple ideas from Etsy of having two separate strands of beads, one for single digits, one for double, and using an elastic beaded band to separate the counted beads (only I used two separate elastic bands so I could physically separate the two rows of beads). I think, after doing it, my original idea might have been more ideal for me, and I may resort it back that way when I some matching ribbon and a lobster clasp. Still, I’m pretty in love with it.

I’ve never done any wire work, and I haven’t done anything with beads since I was a kid. I didn’t want to invest in tools, when, as Shawn said, we can’t afford the hobby I already have, so adding another right now isn’t the best idea. So, I’m surprised it turned out as well as it did, even as obviously inexpert as it is.

I am thrilled that I spent less than I would’ve on one from Etsy and I got something that I loved. Jo-Ann’s collection of Swarovski Crystals was 50% off, and I had a 10% off everything coupon, so the whole thing was $10.

In other knitting news, the finished Winter’s scarf and mitts. Even after blocking I wasn’t thrilled, but it looks alright. I’m back up to the ribbing on the Cherie, but only on the second row. Still, there’s two more weeks in November so hopefully I’m not too far off track to finish NaKniSweMo. I cast on Shawn’s hat, but not gotten very far in. I really want to be working on it but not really letting myself knowing that I need to concentrate on the Cherie.

I needed about another month of warm weather and didn’t get it. I’m in desperate need of a pair of socks and a lapghan – it’s cold here! (Okay, I know, it’s in the 40’s-70’s, but I’m a popsicle.)


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