Okie, er, so…

November 9, 2007

I spent two days recasting and ripping the Cherie. I finally tossed it aside in frustration. Something about ripping to the beginning had to have cursed this thing for me, as I had no problems other than gauge issues the first go around. I got my new, pretty stitch markers in the mail today so maybe having a freaking stitch marker every other lace repeat (rather than every third one) will foil the knitting goblins who won’t stop making stitches disappear between one row and the next with no visible drops (seriously, it’s crazy here). Hopefully restarting that tomorrow, giving me 20 days to do NaKniSweMo from scratch. Still, if the curse is gone and the gauge works this time, it should be okay. I’m going to swatch the rib first to see if I don’t need two-sizes smaller needles which I don’t even have. Yay for still having funds on my birthday Jo-Ann’s gift card. Luckily I ♥ Clover needles.

Anyway, in the meantime I’ve been working on Winter’s project, which is now almost done. I finished the mitts today and re-ripped the scarf and put it back on the needles because I still don’t like how it turned out. This pattern is just… so… full of fail. I should’ve known when I saw the pattern number was 60666. I mean, that has to mean something, right?

I did the mitts originally by pattern with the yarn over increases the pattern suggests — and I just couldn’t live with them, so I tore it back to the gussets and redid it with kfb increases. Holes in gloves — wtf is the point of that? Not to mention they seemed to be missing a row at the beginning (as you don’t end off and reattach the cashmere blend before/after the ruffles row, so no flipping before going on the dpns), which caused the things to be knit inside out, so, knitting instead of purling for the gusset.

The scarf I’ve redone a gazillion times and it’s just not worked yet. That ruffles row is just a horror for some reason. I think the problem is the first row is preceded by stockinette, which nicely rolls over and covers the line of black sticking through, whereas the ending row is supposed to be followed by just a row of knit, which doesn’t roll over and looks like crap. So, tomorrow, when finishing it (or attempting to), I’m going to try to reverse stockinette it and see if it will roll over nicely.

By the way? Weaving in ruffles is a nightmare. There’s basically no way to do it that hides it. Which is fine on the mitts, but disturbing on the scarf.

On the upside, the wristers are soft and warm and look halfway decent which is the main goal, and hopefully I’ll be able to get the scarf in the same decent-looking category. And hopefully she likes it. I can always make her something nicer down the road either way. And, well, I got to knit something on dpns which is my not-so secret crazy love.


One Response to “Okie, er, so…”

  1. Winter Says:

    I love it already. I’m just sorry it gave you such a headache… next time.. I’ll find a non 60666 related simple pattern 😀

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