LYS Heaven

October 26, 2007

I’ve been to two previous Tampa Bay local yarn shops. The first was just awful, and shall go unnamed, because I’m sure it suits some people’s tastes, so I wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from going. But no one spoke to me, Shawn and I both picked up an air of snottiness, and the only thing that even really called to me was some hemp. The Debbie Bliss was nice and all, but not exciting to me at the time. Sad to say, as tempted as I’ve been since to go back and get that hemp, I’d rather get it online than go back in there.

The second LYS in the area I visited was Knit ‘n Knibble and it was much better, though I still felt out of place, nervous, and a bit intimidated by one of the employees. The lady who checked me out was incredibly nice, though, asking me what I was making and so on, as was one of the knitters who accidentally bumped into me and apologized several times even though it was no big deal at all. I will definitely go there when I need a Rowan or SWTC that I can’t find at my new favorite LYS that I visited for the first time today — Uncommon Threads.

When I came in the door I could hear cheerful laughing in the back, and two people arguing about who should get the door — in a good way (“I’ll go!” “No, I’ll go!”) It made me feel a teensy bit like I was intruding but at the same time it was just such an overwhelmingly friendly vibe that it didn’t really phase me. I spent my time looking at everything in the store, and never felt pressured or rushed at all, or that I would be interrupting if I did need help. I didn’t feel out of place or like I was walking on eggshells not to somehow make some LYS faux pas I wasn’t aware of. There was a comfy couch right by the door which was perfect for depositing the bag with the dress I brought along to match yarn to for a stole I want to make to wear with it and my husband with his Game Boy while I oooooed at everything. I walked out with two balls of Misti Alpaca Lace in tan and the Fall 2007 Interweave Knits. I was so excited they had IK. I’d really rather buy it from a LYS than B&N.

Another thing that made a big impression on me is they had handmade soap. I didn’t buy any, because at the moment I have plans for buying more soap from South Pacific Body, but I loved seeing local handcrafters represented. There were some handmade stitch markers at the front, too, and a skein of sock yarn I barely resisted, but managed to walk out with what I planned to buy when I walked in, and at a surprising but wonderful birthday discount. I could’ve used it later on a bigger purchase, she gave me the option to use it later, but it was more exciting to use it today.

Anyway, it was my first really overwhelmingly positive experience in a LYS, and I was totally in heaven.


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