I caved.

October 21, 2007

I just can’t seem to spam either my livejournal or main blog with knitting posts, no matter how much or how often I want to ramble about some new yarn or whatnot. But with getting my Ravelry invite, I decided a space to do so was definitely needed.

One downside of things right now is that my camera battery is beyond dead. Meaning I can only use the camera when it’s plugged in. Add that to our apartment being a dark cave most of the time and I don’t snap much anymore. Sometime in the next few days I’ll get my tripod out and see if I can snap all my wips and stash and everything I’ve made to put up for sale on etsy.

Mostly right now I’m just working on getting etsy stuff done, actually. A pair of sleeve-mitts, dishcloths, kitty toys, and two scarves this week. Next week I’ll be working on gifts for a few days before NaKniSweMo if I can find time during vacation/birthday stuff. Hopefully I’ll be able to get both the sweater done, AND start my Cozy before the end of the month, otherwise it’ll have to wait until January. Knitting things for myself, omg! the concept.

Anyway, at some later time I’ll think of a decent title, some categories, add links and so on. For now, I has knitting blog – YAY!


One Response to “I caved.”

  1. Casey Says:

    Knitting blog! Yay!

    I laughed when I got to the “knitting things for myself, omg!” part. Up till this year, I NEVER knit anything for me… and this year, it’s been ALL me. Heh. Gotta say, it’s a nice treat. 🙂

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